Real Estate Mogul Podcast - Learn How To Leverage Investing Strategies in Your Real Estate Business

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Why Real Estate Agents Make Great Investors

June 7, 2017

Most sellers don’t know what the process of selling to an investor looks like. Why are real estate agents the perfect people to take sellers through this process? What is the biggest challenge people face when they’re transitioning from agent to investor? On the first episode of the Real Estate Mogul, we answer these questions, and give you a look into the day-to-day of life as an investor.

What people say to you on the phone or on an online form, doesn’t necessarily correlate to what happens in reality. - Tom Cafarella


  1. The biggest misstep agents make is pushing for a listing on something that could be sold to an investor.
  2. You always want to get face to face with a seller, so you can qualify them a lot better.
  3. You’ll get the business if you do what’s in the best interest of the client.

At the start of the show, we discussed what the average day looks like for a real estate investor, why most sellers don’t know the process of working with investors. We also discussed the skills agents have that serve them in the investing space. Towards the end of the show we talked about coaching people to become investors.

We also spoke about;

  • How to weed out the wrong people
  • The importance of jumping on leads quickly
  • Scenarios where it’s better to sell to an investor and not take the residential route
  • How to define motivated seller leads

A hammer will always look for a nail, and this is very true in real estate. There are many scenarios where a property should be targeted to investors and not residential listings. This requires a toolbox of skills to know when this scenario arises, and that’s why agents are great because they already have the required skill set in place. Agents know how to build rapport, get people to know, like and trust them, and they know about the market. With these skills in their back pockets, agents are naturally primed to succeed in the investing space.