Real Estate Mogul Podcast - Learn How To Leverage Investing Strategies in Your Real Estate Business

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Structuring, Tools & Strategies To Add to Your Investing w/Beau Eckstein

June 8, 2017

The real estate investing space can be daunting for a rookie. How do you find capital when you’re starting out, and what strategies can you put in place to build your profile? On this episode, Beau Eckstein shares his investing expertise and gives insight into using YouTube, Google, as well as networking.

If you have a really good deal, in this market today, the money’s out there. -Tom Cafarella

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. The first step to financial freedom is getting the income from rental properties to cover your monthly expenses.
  2. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, get good at using it.
  3. Self-directed IRAs are one way someone can get started with real estate investing.

At the start of the show, Beau shared how he got started and the models people can use to start buying cheap and using other people’s money to grow their investing portfolio. Next, we talked about why putting money into rental properties in Boston isn’t worth it. Beau also discussed the value of building your network and how to play the market shifts. Towards the end of the show, we discussed meetup groups.

Beau also spoke about

  • The advantages of self-directed IRAs
  • How to become a really good deal finder
  • How to achieve financial freedom

The beginner investor has to start by educating themselves and preparing themselves to find the best deals. In the beginning when you don’t have enough money, get exposure by using YouTube videos, and then level up by using Google ads. The market is ripe with money for deals, and if you can set yourself up the right way by building your network everyday, you can get financial freedom.

Guest Bio

Construction Lending | Business Loans | Hard Money | Commercial Lending | Real Estate Broker. Managing Director of SFR Ventures, serving all of California, with a concentration in the thriving San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. For more information, go to