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Success Strategies for Facebook Advertising w/Grant Wise

September 14, 2017

Outdoor media is dead or dying. Why is Facebook advertising the best lead generation method to replace it? How does speed set you apart? How do you fine tune spending on Facebook ads, and how does it help your business? On this episode, we talk to entrepreneur and marketing extraordinaire Grant Wise, who shares high level tactics real estate investors can use to generate motivated leads.

If you’re marketing your business, you should not be paying attention to your own skepticism. You should be listening to your market place. -Grant Wise


  • Nowadays, banding signs aren’t effective because people aren’t looking at them.
  • When Zillow passes you a lead, they also pass it to one or two other people.
  • Listen to the market place, and stop basing decisions on your emotions.  
  • 1 in 5 searches on Google, are done through voice.

At the start of the show, Grant shared on his work in Facebook ads, and why they are the best replacement for outdoor media and advertising. Next, we talked about why you should be on Facebook, and how to reverse engineer how much you’re willing to pay to acquire a client. We also discussed why Facebook is better than Zillow, and towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of implementation.

We also discussed:

  • How speed and implementation sets you apart
  • Why your skepticism is holding you back
  • Why it’s important to listen to the marketplace

Success in social media marketing comes down to identifying who you want to work with, and then going to the platforms they frequent. In today’s world, Facebook marketing is the best way to generate seller leads because of the time people are spending on there. In an age where bandit signs are less likely to get attention, Facebook advertising is the best move because it gives you your own media and helps you carve your own lane. Many people are skeptical about this method, but ignoring it will only hold you back from growing.

Guest Bio
Grant Wise is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Real Estate Marketing University and Modern Moguls Marketing. A media Training & Marketing Management Company. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist who is unafraid to lead companies in new directions. Grant’s story is one of education, truth, and perseverance; education through experience, imperfect action, failure, and growing with serious intention. All these have helped him lead over 1000 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to their dreams. Grant, through the pioneering marketing strategies his Company is known for, has helped multiple companies in the US and internationally. Grant has been described as irreverent, artful, & and dramatic with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Go to to learn more about his coaching.