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The Difference Between Cashflow Markets & Appreciation Markets w/Brian Trippe

December 21, 2017

Markets with cashflow are harder to come by nowadays. How do you deal with cashflow and appreciation markets as an investor? If you’re new to the investing game what should you do to start generating leads? Which people will survive the next market correction? On this episode, Brian Trippe shares some of his high-value coaching for investors.

Don’t be leveraged as high as you can possibly be. Stay a little liquid in case the worst happens. - Brian Trippe


  • If you don’t like volatility, you would prefer a cashflow market.
  • If everyone is buying right now, why are you buying? Do what other people aren’t.
  • Be consistent in whatever you choose. Don’t dabble.

At the start of the show, we talked about cashflow markets and appreciation markets, along with the intricacies of working with B-class markets. Next, we talked about how to spend on marketing and lead generation, as well as why it’s so important to be consistent. Towards the end, we talked about who will survive the market correction.

We also discussed:

  • Why direct mail is a great lead generation tool
  • The use of banding signs
  • Why it’s necessary to stay liquid

There’s cashflow and there’s appreciation. You have to choose which approach works best for you and creates long-term wealth. The cashflow approach is more conservative and stable, while the appreciation approach is more volatile. Whichever route you take, you have to be hungry, talk to people, and knock on doors. When the market correction inevitably happens, you want to be liquid so you can thrive.

Guest Bio
Brian is a serial real estate entrepreneur. He began investing in rental property in 2012 and currently holds over 70 rentals. He started a wholesaling company in 2014 that has done over a half-million dollars in wholesale revenue in less than three years. He also founded 205 Realty and is currently active in his role as the president of the Alabama Real Estate Investor Association. He is a real estate investing coach and educator who speaks regularly on real estate investing. You can contact Brian at or visit him at