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The Difference Between Investment Sales & Listing Sales w/John Martinez

February 1, 2018

A lot of real estate investors struggle when they try to scale their sales process. What causes this? How should they go about finding the right people for their team? What is the difference between sales in the listing process and sales in the investment process? On this episode, we are joined by investor and coach, John Martinez who shares how to get more out of your sales.

Investment sales are more complex. You need to be consultative, and build a tremendous amount of value other than money. - Tom Cafarella


  • Most investors start off as a one-man-show, and their sales systems fall apart when they have to scale and hire more people.
  • Only about 3-5% of salespeople on the market actually have what it takes to be good at the job.
  • Listing a property is more transactional, while investing requires you to provide a tremendous amount of value.

At the start of the show, we talked about the one piece most investors struggle to put in place in their business, and how a lot of sales processes fall apart when a business starts to scale. We also talked about why it’s so important to relieve pressure during a sales call, and described “sales DNA”. Towards the end, we discussed the importance of a constant recruiting process.

We also discussed:

  • Listing vs. Investing
  • Using assessments to determine who should work in sales
  • Why a lot of people keep poor salespeople for too long
  • High impact sales pieces

When you start as a one-man-show or one-woman-show in investing, your sales process is in your head. When you have to scale it and teach it to other people, the process can fall apart. A lot of agents struggle to transition from selling on the listing side to selling on the investment side because they don’t realize they have to be more consultative and build value apart from money. To overcome this, you really have to hold their hand through the process and show them  it isn’t just about the check.

Guest Bio

John Martinez is a real estate investor, sales training expert and the founder of Midwest Revenue Group. Go to for more information.