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The Power of Systems and Repeatable Processes in Your Business w/Rhen Bartlett

August 31, 2018


For many business owners, it can be easy to overlook the importance of sharing knowledge, systems, and processes throughout their team. What are the risks we expose ourselves to when we only have systems in our heads? What happens when our best employees leave, and how do we make their success repeatable? In this episode, Rhen Bartlett talks about how systems can free a business from having to rely on its best people, and he shares some insight on what works and what doesn’t.



You can’t get systemized, repeatable results from something in your head. -Rhen Bartlett


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  • There are two types of business owners: the artist and the operator. The artist is usually the one with the vision and ideas, but without an operator, an artist can’t get much done.

  • When a top employee leaves, it can put a company in danger if key information and processes were known only by that person.

  • Having documented systems allows a business to track what gets done, how it gets done, and what the results are.


In the beginning of the episode, we talked about the two types of business owners and how they complement each other. We also talked about how systems can make our lives easier when some of our best people decide to leave and we have to make new hires.

We also covered:

  • How giving feedback and room to grow keeps the turnover rate low
  • Why it’s important to track progress and give our workers targets to reach and bonuses for performance
  • How documenting the systems we use can make the coaching process easier


We can’t run a successful business without documenting and sharing our knowledge and systems. If we skip this step, it will be much harder for new hires to get up to speed, and they’ll have to start their own systems from scratch—which costs time and money. Another advantage that systems bring is predictability. They make it easy to measure and find out where the problems are.


Guest Bio

Rhen Bartlett is the Chief Operating Officer at Irby Homebuyers, LLC. He manages day-to-day company operations, as well as sales training, process implementation, marketing & advertising campaigns, and finances. For more information go to: