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The Skill Set Every Fearless Agent Should Have w/Bob Loeffler

November 9, 2017

Most brokerages focus on compliance and fail to teach agents how to actually make money. Why are skills, schedule, and systems so important in building a successful real estate business? Why is your prospecting time so precious, and why does protecting it double your income? On this episode, the founder of Fearless Agent, Bob Loeffler, shares his tactics for leveling up in business.

The morning is sacred religious prospecting time. You can never violate that. - Bob Loeffler


  • The presentations you need to master are: listing, pricing, FSBO, buyer, and investor.
  • Schedule every listing, buyer, or investor appointment at either 2:30 pm or 7pm at night so that your mornings are saved for prospecting.
  • Focus is for winners, multitasking is for losers.
  • If you’re not booking appointments, it’s because you’re not targeting the right people, you suck on the phone, or you’re not getting their question answered. All of these are fixable.  

At the start of the we talked about some of the shortcomings of the majority of real estate brokerages. Bob then shared how learning sales changed his business, and how protecting your prospecting time doubles your income. Next, we talked about the importance of getting your schedule so dialed in everyday looks the same, and why skills, schedule and systems lead to a successful business. Towards the end of the show, we talked about why you need to go after the parents of millennials.

We also discussed:

  • Why it’s hard to learn from someone who hasn’t walked the same path as you
  • The one question you should NEVER ask FSBOs
  • What to do when it’s taking you too long to get ramped up
  • The science of sales

A typical company owner is not somebody who was a successful real estate agent, and that makes it hard for them to train good agents. Real sales has nothing to do with high pressure and being argumentative; it’s about being competent at every conversation about real estate. That way you’re never in a money-making situation without the right words to say. It’s all about being willing to learn, becoming a rockstar at one thing, and only adding another thing when you’ve mastered the previous.  

Guest Bio
Bob is the founder of Fearless Agent. He designed his coaching based on his frustration with all the other coaching programs he used as an agent. Call 480-385-8810 or go to for more information.


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