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Thriving When Markets Are Shifting w/ Paul Campbell

September 14, 2018


Shifting markets are the dread of every agent and investor. How can we prepare for a changing market? Is it wise to continue to work by ourselves? What should we do about rental properties? In this episode, Paul Campbell talks about what agents and investors can do to survive and thrive during hard times.


One way to level out the playing field is to work with a team. Teams generally have more resources, more support, and generate more leads. -Paul Campbell



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  • Being a single agent in a market that is already showing signs of slowing down is difficult, especially when we compete against big companies. At times, it’s wiser to leverage the tools and the systems of others instead of trying to reinvent the wheel on our own.

  • We don’t have to chase down the market. We just need a good understanding of how the market shift is going to impact us and what the downward trajectory looks like.

  • Our clients need us the most when the market isn’t doing well. During hard times, our skills will be shown.

At the beginning of the episode, we talked about why being a single agent only makes our work harder and how it doesn’t always make sense profit wise either. We also talked about why our expertise and support becomes more necessary during a downturn.

Next we covered:

  • Why it’s wise to discontinue rental properties during market shifts
  • Why it’s vital for our business to work our way up in commercial bank financing
  • How a tax team can save you money and headaches

During a shifting market, the best way to survive is to put your ego aside and join a team. Teams usually have more resources, more support, and better systems to help you thrive. Plus, you won’t have to do everything by yourself. As a single agent, you keep the entire commission but you also have to wear different hats and spend a large amount of your time.