Real Estate Mogul Podcast - Learn How To Leverage Investing Strategies in Your Real Estate Business

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Wholesaling, Flipping, and Running an Investment Company Alongside Your Existing Business w/Jeff Cohn

August 31, 2017

Sweat equity can eliminate the growth of your business. How do you go about leveraging other people to help you achieve your goals? How can you add an investment component to your business without diverting yourself from your primary source of income? Why are there so few agents making move to investing? On this episode, team owner and real estate entrepreneur Jeff Cohn answers these questions and shares how he runs his operation.

Our systems were designed to help support a top agent wanting to build a team, all the way down to an agent who’s only doing two or three deals a year and wants to get to fifteen. -Jeff Cohn


  • Take ownership of your personal dysfunctions.
  • Know the roles in your operation so that you can hold people accountable.
  • Many agents aren’t becoming investors because they’re living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to invest.

At the start of the show, Jeff shared on how he got started, and the business systems he has built. Next, we talked about the importance of finding the who in your business before the what. Jeff also shared why a lot of agents aren’t getting into investing, and the importance of focusing on personal development. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how agents can have it all.

We also discussed:

  • The value of leveraging someone else
  • Why sweat equity makes you reach the point of diminishing returns
  • Holding vs. flipping
  • Why it’s important to lead with value

The secret to becoming an investor is deploying capital to make it work for you, instead of living from paycheck to paycheck. Find a way to make it happen without diverting yourself from your primary source of income. Sweat equity can only get you so far, so don’t be afraid to lean on someone else. We all have limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep us from succeeding and getting to the next level. If we overcome these personal dysfunctions, it is possible to have it all.

Guest Bio
Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Nebraska’s #1 selling team, with 601 homes sold in 2017, and President of Elite Real Estate Systems, which provides Livestream training to real estate teams, brokers and agents across the country as well as providing in-house workshops monthly at his flagship office in Omaha, NE. Go to for access to Jeff’s coaching.