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Why Wholetailing Is the Most Profitable Niche Right Now w/Justin Colby

October 26, 2017

Wholetailing is the most profitable niche in real estate investing right now. Why is it a great niche to get into right now? Why is direct mail a great and affordable way to generate leads? What should your mindset be with marketing and sales? On this episode, we are joined by Justin Colby who shares on how he built his real estate investing business, the power of phone calls & direct mail, and eternally being a student.

Do what other people aren’t willing to do and you’re always going to win. - Justin Colby


- It takes roughly nine months to ramp marketing up to any significant level.

- 100,000 mailers per month is the point of diminishing returns.

- The cost of direct mail is high and the call-back return is low.

At the start of the show, Justin shared how he got started, how he lost it all and how he was able to rebuild after that. Next, we talked about wholetailing, and why it’s a good niche at the moment. We also discussed the importance of knowing that you’re in the business of marketing, not selling homes. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the importance of learning as much as you can about the business.

We also discussed:
- Why it’s a seller’s market everywhere right now
- How Justin does high volume deals
- How to keep direct mail profitable

You might buy and sell real estate, but you’re not in the real estate business. You’re in marketing and sales, and the better marketer you are, the more capable you are of selling. The secret to success is doing what others aren’t doing, going as wide as you can to increase your chances of getting a phone call, and always being an open-minded student of the trade. If you want to win, be willing to go the extra mile.

Guest Bio

Justin is a real estate investor, real estate investor, podcaster and coach and mentor. Go to for more information. To find out about his coaching go to and to find out about his event.