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Winning Strategies and Tactics for Rent to Own Investing w/Whitney Nicely

October 12, 2017

There are many supposed drawbacks associated with rent to own, but they are largely misconceptions. What are the opportunities in this category you don’t hear about enough? In which markets is it most effective? How do you directly reach out to sellers? On this episode we are joined by agent and coach, Whitney Nicely, who shares her fascinating insights on rent to own.

Word-of-mouth marketing has been around longer than anything else. - Whitney Nicely   


  • There are typically two kinds of people who rent to own: those who inherited property, or those that were struggling with upkeep.
  • A home occupied as rent to own may often be left in better condition than where it started even if the tenants end up moving out.
  • Rent to own allows you to quickly solve a pain point for sellers.

At the start of the show, Whitney shared how she got started, and why rent to own works in certain markets. We also discussed the misconception that homes get destroyed in rent to own, and how to market to sellers directly. Next we discussed the people Whitney coaches and the offers she makes to sellers. Towards the end of the show, we discussed how rent to own can set you up for a great financial future.

We also discussed:

  • The two kinds of people who want to do rent to own
  • Why a lot of people only do rent to own part-time
  • What happens if a seller loses equity

A lot of people in real estate have concerns about the success of rent to own. They worry about things like the homes getting destroyed or the seller changing the arrangement when their immediate pain point is solved. However, a lot of renters actually improve the home and increase its value. For agents, rent to own is a great strategy if you want longevity and to double your retirement funds. It often allows you to solve a pain point for your sellers. Educate your circle about what you’re looking for specifically, and that will help you attract more leads. You can easily become a big fish in a small pond as the markets rise.

Guest Bio
Whitney is fired up about teaching people the fast, fun, and profitable way to be successful in real estate. She traveled the long, slow road of getting tons of licenses and found out she could make more money, faster as a real estate investor. Whitney is the Principal Broker for Whitney Buys Houses, LLC. Whitney will teach you how to invest in real estate for profit and help you achieve lifelong goals. Go to for more information or to join her book.


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