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How to Get Off the Commission-to-Commission Hamster Wheel w/Krisstina Wise

Real estate agents don’t have a retirement plan, and that’s why they need passive income. How do you go about saving money for your investment bucket? What is the common mistake a lot of agents make? How do you buy your first investment property? On this episode, broker, investor, coach, best selling author and real estate entrepreneur, Krisstina Wise shares how to get off the “commission hamster wheel” through smart investments.

The goal is to replace your real estate active income with real estate passive income. - Krisstina Wise


  • Buy your first house as an investment property.
  • When you franchise, you can only help a fraction of people.
  • There’s a big difference between income and assets.
  • In order to build wealth, you have to spend less money than you make.

At the start of the show, Krisstina shared how she got into real estate and stressed the importance of building relationships. Next we talked about how Krisstina started using technology and why she didn’t take the franchise path. We then talked about the process for buying your first investment property, and how Krisstina turned her life around after a major health scare.

We also discussed:

  • Why you need to buy your first house as an investment property
  • The trial and error process of being an entrepreneur
  • Why your body is your #1 asset

In order to build wealth, you have to spend less money than you make so you can actually put money aside to invest. The key to having a better life is building wealth and future passive income. After taxes, the next thing you need to do is save money for your investment portfolio. Remember also to take care of your physical wellbeing, as all the money in the world means nothing without your health. You have to invest in yourself as much as you’re willing to invest in real estate.

Guest Bio
Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, Millionaire Coach, and creator of several multi-million dollar businesses including Goodlife Luxury, The Paperless Agent and most recently, WealthyWellthy. She is also an international speaker and the award-winning author of the Amazon Best-Seller Falling for Money, a romance novel for your bank account. Named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country, she has been featured in USA TODAY, as well as by Apple, Contactually and Evernote for her creative leadership with emerging technologies. Go to for more information.

Commercial Wholesaling w/Luis Carrera

A lot of people are afraid of not being able to find investors, and that puts them off from trying deals. How do you find investors and make sure the deals go through? How should you treat commercial wholesaling in your portfolio? How do you build trust with potential investors so you can generate more deals? On this episode, we talk with investor Luis Carrera about how to get started in commercial wholesaling.

Your family and freedom are more important than staying stuck at a job. - Luis Carrera


  • Many investors are afraid of multi-families. In order for them to start trusting you, you have to do their flips first.
  • “Value-add” properties allow you to increase rents and reach a new threshold to refinance your loan.
  • The more you educate yourself, the more confident you become.

At the start of the show, Luis shared the kinds of properties he goes after and he explained why he opts for 20-80 units and nothing over 100. Next, we talked about how to prevent deals from falling through, how to build trust with investors, and the importance of educating yourself.

We also discussed:

  • Connecting with potential investors at events and high-end hotels
  • The advantage of value-add properties
  • Low cost marketing for residential

There’s a lot of people out there interested in real estate. When you connect with them and build trust, it will create even more deals for you. It can be intimidating to try and find the first deal, so the more you can educate yourself, the more confident you’ll be. In this industry, you should continually push yourself towards personal growth.

Guest Bio

Luis is a Real Estate Investor at Innovative Property Group and Central Sierra Investments. To get in touch phone or text 973.902.7203 or email

The Difference Between Cashflow Markets & Appreciation Markets w/Brian Trippe

Markets with cashflow are harder to come by nowadays. How do you deal with cashflow and appreciation markets as an investor? If you’re new to the investing game what should you do to start generating leads? Which people will survive the next market correction? On this episode, Brian Trippe shares some of his high-value coaching for investors.

Don’t be leveraged as high as you can possibly be. Stay a little liquid in case the worst happens. - Brian Trippe


  • If you don’t like volatility, you would prefer a cashflow market.
  • If everyone is buying right now, why are you buying? Do what other people aren’t.
  • Be consistent in whatever you choose. Don’t dabble.

At the start of the show, we talked about cashflow markets and appreciation markets, along with the intricacies of working with B-class markets. Next, we talked about how to spend on marketing and lead generation, as well as why it’s so important to be consistent. Towards the end, we talked about who will survive the market correction.

We also discussed:

  • Why direct mail is a great lead generation tool
  • The use of banding signs
  • Why it’s necessary to stay liquid

There’s cashflow and there’s appreciation. You have to choose which approach works best for you and creates long-term wealth. The cashflow approach is more conservative and stable, while the appreciation approach is more volatile. Whichever route you take, you have to be hungry, talk to people, and knock on doors. When the market correction inevitably happens, you want to be liquid so you can thrive.

Guest Bio
Brian is a serial real estate entrepreneur. He began investing in rental property in 2012 and currently holds over 70 rentals. He started a wholesaling company in 2014 that has done over a half-million dollars in wholesale revenue in less than three years. He also founded 205 Realty and is currently active in his role as the president of the Alabama Real Estate Investor Association. He is a real estate investing coach and educator who speaks regularly on real estate investing. You can contact Brian at or visit him at

Cashflow: Private Capital, Finding the Right Market & Planning for the Correction w/Tyler Sheff

Most people who don’t want to do the hard work of investing deals are happy to partner with someone who has the experience. How do you find these people and get them to work with you? How do you go about finding and acquiring deals that will yield good returns? How do you get more capital to deploy out to other deals? On this episode, Tyler Sheff shares his strategies and tactics for getting the right deals and building a solid investing business.

There are more people out there with money to invest without the skills to do it, than deals to be had. - Tyler Sheff  


  • Assess the needs of the person in front of you rather than applying a general rule to everyone.
  • If you want really good cash flow, you can’t buy in the posh areas.
  • Find a state that has favorable landlord laws so you don’t end up having a hard time with difficult tenants. 

At the start of the show, Tyler shared how he is able to raise capital privately and find the people that have the money to invest. Next, we talked about how Tyler is able to generate deals from his podcast and from helping people solve their problems. Towards the end of the show, we talked about why you can leverage real estate so much better than the stock market.

We also discussed

  • How Tyler goes about acquiring deals
  • How much time you should dedicate to finding capital
  • When the market correction will happen and preparing for it

You will often find yourself in one of two markets: one where it’s tough to get really good cash flow but you get appreciation, or a flat, steady market where you can get good cash flow but no appreciation. You can make money in each market, but it will vary. Tyler has managed to get business in both, which helps to cover his bases. If you’re able to raise capital privately to fund the deals and remodel without using your own money, you can get a good return and make enough to continue deploying the cash flow into more deals. Building wealth in real estate can be simple if you go about it the right way.

Guest Bio
Tyler Sheff currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at, a company which aims to educate their clientele in investing in real estate and building long-term wealth. The Cash Flow Guys treat each client as a student, giving them the necessary tools needed to succeed as a real estate investor from the ground up. The Cash Flow Guys have one goal – to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate. Coupling his active involvement in real estate investments with his proven negotiation skills makes Sheff a valuable asset to any client. As an educator, the greatest reward Sheff gets from all this hard work is watching Cash Flow Guys students learn and ultimately become successful. Go to for more information.

Engelo Rumora on Real Estate Investing Success Through Powerful, Unique Marketing Strategies

Today, we see a lot of advertising telling people they can start flipping hundreds of houses without much money or work. What does it actually take to succeed in this business? How do get attention in a crowded market? On this episode, we are joined by one of the most well-branded investors in the industry, Engelo Rumora, who shares his success secrets.

Once you start getting business, make sure you do right by those investors. -Engelo Rumora


  • There’s a lot of risk for capital depreciation in markets where prices are high.
  • Work hard to put out content into the world to build your credibility.
  • Even if you don’t have things clearly mapped out, you can greatly increase increase your odds of success if you’re focused and consistent in your work.

At the start of the show, Engelo shared how he got started and why it’s so important to focus on the people first. Next we talked about capital appreciation, and why you can still make money in any market-- whether the property is cheap or expensive. Engelo also shared some of his unique marketing tactics, including his home giveaway initiative. Towards the end, he stressed the importance of working hard and avoiding falling into the trap of get rich quick schemes.  

We also spoke about:

  • How to save money to start investing
  • Engelo’s biggest bottleneck
  • The power of unique marketing strategies

Real estate is a long-term play. It is delayed gratification, and you’re not going to start making money right away. Nothing will come to you without hard work and sacrifice, so you have to be willing to put in the time, be frugal and save as much money as you can. Use marketing to make sure people know you exist and what you specialize in. You have to focus on the people first; be good to them and your reputation will grow. Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

Guest Bio

Engelo Rumora is a real estate executive, investor and former football player. He is the CEO and founder of a real estate investment company called Ohio Cashflow located in Toledo, Ohio. Go to for more information.


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The Skill Set Every Fearless Agent Should Have w/Bob Loeffler

Most brokerages focus on compliance and fail to teach agents how to actually make money. Why are skills, schedule, and systems so important in building a successful real estate business? Why is your prospecting time so precious, and why does protecting it double your income? On this episode, the founder of Fearless Agent, Bob Loeffler, shares his tactics for leveling up in business.

The morning is sacred religious prospecting time. You can never violate that. - Bob Loeffler


  • The presentations you need to master are: listing, pricing, FSBO, buyer, and investor.
  • Schedule every listing, buyer, or investor appointment at either 2:30 pm or 7pm at night so that your mornings are saved for prospecting.
  • Focus is for winners, multitasking is for losers.
  • If you’re not booking appointments, it’s because you’re not targeting the right people, you suck on the phone, or you’re not getting their question answered. All of these are fixable.  

At the start of the we talked about some of the shortcomings of the majority of real estate brokerages. Bob then shared how learning sales changed his business, and how protecting your prospecting time doubles your income. Next, we talked about the importance of getting your schedule so dialed in everyday looks the same, and why skills, schedule and systems lead to a successful business. Towards the end of the show, we talked about why you need to go after the parents of millennials.

We also discussed:

  • Why it’s hard to learn from someone who hasn’t walked the same path as you
  • The one question you should NEVER ask FSBOs
  • What to do when it’s taking you too long to get ramped up
  • The science of sales

A typical company owner is not somebody who was a successful real estate agent, and that makes it hard for them to train good agents. Real sales has nothing to do with high pressure and being argumentative; it’s about being competent at every conversation about real estate. That way you’re never in a money-making situation without the right words to say. It’s all about being willing to learn, becoming a rockstar at one thing, and only adding another thing when you’ve mastered the previous.  

Guest Bio
Bob is the founder of Fearless Agent. He designed his coaching based on his frustration with all the other coaching programs he used as an agent. Call 480-385-8810 or go to for more information.


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Why Wholetailing Is the Most Profitable Niche Right Now w/Justin Colby

Wholetailing is the most profitable niche in real estate investing right now. Why is it a great niche to get into right now? Why is direct mail a great and affordable way to generate leads? What should your mindset be with marketing and sales? On this episode, we are joined by Justin Colby who shares on how he built his real estate investing business, the power of phone calls & direct mail, and eternally being a student.

Do what other people aren’t willing to do and you’re always going to win. - Justin Colby


- It takes roughly nine months to ramp marketing up to any significant level.

- 100,000 mailers per month is the point of diminishing returns.

- The cost of direct mail is high and the call-back return is low.

At the start of the show, Justin shared how he got started, how he lost it all and how he was able to rebuild after that. Next, we talked about wholetailing, and why it’s a good niche at the moment. We also discussed the importance of knowing that you’re in the business of marketing, not selling homes. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the importance of learning as much as you can about the business.

We also discussed:
- Why it’s a seller’s market everywhere right now
- How Justin does high volume deals
- How to keep direct mail profitable

You might buy and sell real estate, but you’re not in the real estate business. You’re in marketing and sales, and the better marketer you are, the more capable you are of selling. The secret to success is doing what others aren’t doing, going as wide as you can to increase your chances of getting a phone call, and always being an open-minded student of the trade. If you want to win, be willing to go the extra mile.

Guest Bio

Justin is a real estate investor, real estate investor, podcaster and coach and mentor. Go to for more information. To find out about his coaching go to and to find out about his event.

Winning Strategies and Tactics for Rent to Own Investing w/Whitney Nicely

There are many supposed drawbacks associated with rent to own, but they are largely misconceptions. What are the opportunities in this category you don’t hear about enough? In which markets is it most effective? How do you directly reach out to sellers? On this episode we are joined by agent and coach, Whitney Nicely, who shares her fascinating insights on rent to own.

Word-of-mouth marketing has been around longer than anything else. - Whitney Nicely   


  • There are typically two kinds of people who rent to own: those who inherited property, or those that were struggling with upkeep.
  • A home occupied as rent to own may often be left in better condition than where it started even if the tenants end up moving out.
  • Rent to own allows you to quickly solve a pain point for sellers.

At the start of the show, Whitney shared how she got started, and why rent to own works in certain markets. We also discussed the misconception that homes get destroyed in rent to own, and how to market to sellers directly. Next we discussed the people Whitney coaches and the offers she makes to sellers. Towards the end of the show, we discussed how rent to own can set you up for a great financial future.

We also discussed:

  • The two kinds of people who want to do rent to own
  • Why a lot of people only do rent to own part-time
  • What happens if a seller loses equity

A lot of people in real estate have concerns about the success of rent to own. They worry about things like the homes getting destroyed or the seller changing the arrangement when their immediate pain point is solved. However, a lot of renters actually improve the home and increase its value. For agents, rent to own is a great strategy if you want longevity and to double your retirement funds. It often allows you to solve a pain point for your sellers. Educate your circle about what you’re looking for specifically, and that will help you attract more leads. You can easily become a big fish in a small pond as the markets rise.

Guest Bio
Whitney is fired up about teaching people the fast, fun, and profitable way to be successful in real estate. She traveled the long, slow road of getting tons of licenses and found out she could make more money, faster as a real estate investor. Whitney is the Principal Broker for Whitney Buys Houses, LLC. Whitney will teach you how to invest in real estate for profit and help you achieve lifelong goals. Go to for more information or to join her book.


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The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with SEO & Paid Marketing w/Trevor Mauch

Building a business that grows exponentially requires both PPC and SEO. How do you go about refining your website to increase your ranking on Google? How do you craft an effective message that appeals to the people looking for your service? What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to setting their marketing budgets? On this episode, we are joined by the CEO of InvestorCarrot, Trevor Mauch.

Your marketing should have as few words as you need to get across the right sales message to convert the prospect into a lead. -Trevor Mauch


  • You have to be in the top 3 of a Google search to capture any measurable traffic unless it’s a massively searched market.
  • Most people make the mistake of setting their marketing budget based on emotion without doing the math.
  • Don’t go to Fiverr for backlinks, as this could actually harm your ranking.
  • When it comes to SEO, you need to hire someone for 12 months. Six months is not enough to get visual progress.

At the start of the show, we talked about how much harder it is to build a converting website in today’s online environment. Next, we talked about the importance of clearly communicating the problem you solve, and then Trevor shared his SEO tips. We also discussed why math is our savior and towards the end of the show, how people get trapped in their own businesses.

We also discussed:

  • Why you shouldn’t go to freelance sites for backlinks
  • How SEO builds momentum
  • The importance of tracking your target-cost-per-lead

There are now so many businesses online that converting requires you to calibrate your website to appeal to your prospects. You need a clear, crisp, compelling offer and have great copy. SEO is very important too. Considering that the number 1 ranking sites on Google get 30-40% of the clicks, you have to aim to be in the top 3. SEO is a great momentum builder that will give you ROI as your business grows, and PPC is a great way to generate leads quicker. Putting them together is a winning strategy.

Guest Bio

Trevor is the CEO of InvestorCarrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose. Go to for more information and to access great free content.


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Success Strategies for Facebook Advertising w/Grant Wise

Outdoor media is dead or dying. Why is Facebook advertising the best lead generation method to replace it? How does speed set you apart? How do you fine tune spending on Facebook ads, and how does it help your business? On this episode, we talk to entrepreneur and marketing extraordinaire Grant Wise, who shares high level tactics real estate investors can use to generate motivated leads.

If you’re marketing your business, you should not be paying attention to your own skepticism. You should be listening to your market place. -Grant Wise


  • Nowadays, banding signs aren’t effective because people aren’t looking at them.
  • When Zillow passes you a lead, they also pass it to one or two other people.
  • Listen to the market place, and stop basing decisions on your emotions.  
  • 1 in 5 searches on Google, are done through voice.

At the start of the show, Grant shared on his work in Facebook ads, and why they are the best replacement for outdoor media and advertising. Next, we talked about why you should be on Facebook, and how to reverse engineer how much you’re willing to pay to acquire a client. We also discussed why Facebook is better than Zillow, and towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of implementation.

We also discussed:

  • How speed and implementation sets you apart
  • Why your skepticism is holding you back
  • Why it’s important to listen to the marketplace

Success in social media marketing comes down to identifying who you want to work with, and then going to the platforms they frequent. In today’s world, Facebook marketing is the best way to generate seller leads because of the time people are spending on there. In an age where bandit signs are less likely to get attention, Facebook advertising is the best move because it gives you your own media and helps you carve your own lane. Many people are skeptical about this method, but ignoring it will only hold you back from growing.

Guest Bio
Grant Wise is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Real Estate Marketing University and Modern Moguls Marketing. A media Training & Marketing Management Company. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist who is unafraid to lead companies in new directions. Grant’s story is one of education, truth, and perseverance; education through experience, imperfect action, failure, and growing with serious intention. All these have helped him lead over 1000 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to their dreams. Grant, through the pioneering marketing strategies his Company is known for, has helped multiple companies in the US and internationally. Grant has been described as irreverent, artful, & and dramatic with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Go to to learn more about his coaching.